• Brooke Stevens

Studio Session with the McNeill Family

Updated: Jan 6


" If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting “


When Corinne & Michael shared their IVF story with me after our session, I was moved to tears. Words cannot express just how much admiration I have for these two. Their story is an incredibly heart wrenching journey of 11 attempts to conceive and the battles they faced to achieve their dream of having a family.

Their determination is inspirational, for holding onto the hope that one day they would hold a little miracle in their arms. Arriving safely into the world, they finally welcomed their baby girl Jenayah Hope. This angel, so happy and full of love, I swear she knows just how blessed she is to be here. *sigh…Isn’t life incredible?!

If you have had a similar experience to the McNeill family feel free to share your IVF stories with me in the comments… I would love to hear them.

B x

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