• Brooke Stevens

Mr & Mrs Deane

7th May 2021

Sunset Park, Bribie Island


Celebrant | Venita Manning

Styling & Florals | A Rustic Affair Props and Designs

Transport | Kombi Celebrations

This weddings a bit spesh for me. I met Jordan way back when I was doing my Photography Diploma, about 6 years ago now. I was the old duck in the class and Jordan was one of the cool kids, who took me under their wing, and adopted me into their fold. Always carrying a skateboard under his arm and barely making it to classes [haha] it was obvious Jordan had a creative nature but wasn't ready to settle into his creative pursuit at that time. Which, as it turns out, was the same time he met Bianca, so he may have gotten slightly sidetracked by this gorgeous girl! I remember Jordan created slow exposure images with burning steel wool. They were incredible artworks, which I remember being inspired by, but was not quite as successful with in my attempts! So fast forward 6 years and somehow we have managed to stay in touch and I have been lucky enough to photograph them on their journey into parenthood and now into marriage. And I am reminded how incredibly blessed I am for connections old and new, past and present. These two quiet achievers, full of dreams, building their first home, and with a future so bright and full, I cannot wait to see the road unfold for them. Thankyou both for trusting me on my journey of constant learning and believing in me from the time you saw my dodgy assignments thats faith! haha

Happy Wedding Day xo

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