• Brooke Stevens

A Cloudy afternoon with the Tonkin Family

Updated: Jan 6


It was raining, I made the call...would you like to postpone? Nope, let's just do this replied Laura. YES!! And of course, by the time we rocked up to the park the rain held off.

The goal for this session was to get some family pics of the Tonkins as they had never had photos done before and little Billie was turning one in a couple of days. Older sisiter Miley was an absolute delight and of course I felt akin to her as we bonded over the colour of her hair. I told her how I too had the same colour hair as her when I was younger and I always called it strawberry blonde. Me too! she says with the biggest grin.

With energy to burn and a willingness to smother her sister with love at any given moment...we were on!

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