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Brooke Stevens Photography

I have had a love of imagery for as long as I can remember. My dad taught me how to use a camera when I was a kid and I used to follow him around watching him learning and taking photos. When I had my children I was constantly sticking a camera in their face and documenting their lives. Through the art of photography and journalling I recorded all the memories I could cling onto in the hopes that one day they would understand (if they ever questioned it) just how much I love them.

I was always being asked to take peoples photographs but I never had the confidence to trust myself with such an important task of capturing moments for other people, even though I was dying to! So in 2015 I completed my Diploma in Photo Imaging and finally started living this dream of mine. 


My true passion in Photography is portraiture. I cannot describe the feeling I get when I capture an image of your faces that makes me gasp. I get so excited to share what I see in you, with you! To know that for the here and now those images will make you smile and truly see yourself, and that one day your future generations will look upon them with love & wonder.

Shooting with a Canon using natural light, I am obsessed with warm tones, sunsets, pretty light and all the little things that make up your story.

I live with my husband Darren and have one child (of four) left at home now. Trust me, it goes by so quickly.  It feels like only yesterday they were babes in my arms.


I love music and singing, watching sunsets, with a glass of wine of course, and beachcombing. I am a hoarder of shells (especially cowries) and most mornings I can be found wandering the beach with my Pippie girl discovering new things and having a swim.

I so look forward to meeting you

Brooke x

this is me

I'm not just your photographer, I'm a girl with a camera, who truly cares about you. I am your friend, and genuinly committed to telling your story.