I am the memory keeper

For as long as I can remember I have been collecting, preserving and recording memories.  Documenting my time here with images and words that help express who I am and what I love has led me to be the person who lives to capture these moments for you too.  It is truly an honour for me to observe your lives and give you a precious memory to hold onto forever.  A photograph, a little time capsule of your life.

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Collecting beautiful moments

Why I love

I have always had a love of imagery. Pouring over National Geographic magazines & Encyclopedias when we were kids and marvelling at the natural world. My dad taught me how to use a camera, and I used to follow him around watching him learning and taking photos. When I had my children I was constantly sticking a camera in their face (much to their annoyance haha) and documenting their lives. Through the art of photography and journalling I recorded all the memories I could cling onto in the hopes that one day they would understand (if they ever questioned it) just HOW MUCH I love them.

I was always being asked to take peoples photographs but I never had the confidence to trust myself with such an important task of capturing moments for other people, even though I was dying to! So in 2015 I completed my Diploma in Photo Imaging and finally started living this dream of mine. 

 My true passion in photography is portraiture. It's hard to describe the feeling I get when I capture an image of your faces that makes me gasp. I get so excited to share what I see in you, with you!


Each photographic experience strengthens my love of the natural world, and the connection I form with all who step in front of my camera.  My Island home is a magical place of beauty, and I am so blessed I get to live, work and play here.

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My dream came true

Let's get personal...

I'm married to my best friend Darren, we met on e-harmony and married 1 year later.  We both knew that we wanted to live by the sea and as fortune had it,  we came one Easter weekend for a family holiday, and decided that we had found the place for us.  4 months later we bought our little fishing shack, I started my business and we made Bribie Island our home.  We are home bodies.  Our house is our world and with a beautiful Island at our back door, we don't tend to leave home much.  With only one child left at home, and our two puppies Pippie & Koa, freedom ( and old age! haha ) is fast approaching us. My dream is to travel around Australia photographing everything & everyone along the way.  First stop....Tassie!  Top of my wish list.


I am an open book...

I don't want you to be nervous about meeting me, or anxious about your session.  Nothing is off limits & you can ask me anything.  I am always being told I'm a people person.  I love a good conversation & I never hold anything back.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Life has taught me that the connections we make with each other is what it's all about.  I want you to be real & raw, to tell me your vulnerabilities and trust me to honour them & document them.  I guarantee you will become friends x

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My island home

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here's some RANDOM
facts about me...

Hey friends!

thanks for being here

I'm the girl you'll find wandering the beach early in the morning, camera in hand, marvelling at the beauty surrounding me and wondering how I would ever get to photograph it all...


My favourite dogs are border collies

I don't have any tattoos..yet (I'm too indecisive)

I lived on a remote 100 acre permaculture farm

I love to sing and used to play guitar (very badly)

I wanted to be an actress when I was little

My nickname is Chook!